Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Tonight I ran into a friend from way waaay back.  The encounter, though brief, was something I didn't know I even needed, but now I know I did.  It brings tears to my eyes and chills down my spine to recognize that this blessing was over a decade in the making.  I haven't even seen him in over a dozen years.  He was the roommate of a guy I dated.  A few years ago he discovered we both played in a local darts organization and we corresponded a few times and are friends on Facebook.  A few weeks ago, he bumped into my husband at a dart event (I wasn't there) and he and Cory chatted and my MS came up.  Come to find out he has it too!  I never knew!  He seems so...normal!  He was arriving tonight just as I was dropping Cory off for darts and I am at a loss for words to describe the impact seeing him had on me.  I have spent countless hours reading message boards and blogs and informational websites and articles written by and about people with MS and it's freaking scary, man!  The disease is a nightmare for a lot of people.  And that's what I'm reminded of a lot when I go searching for something seemingly harmless.  So, seeing this man driving himself around, getting around on his on two feet without any hindrances, looking all!  Yes!  That's what I needed!  I needed to see with my own eyes that MS people can look just like everyone else.  I needed to be reminded that even if bad spells come, they can pass.  I needed to be reminded that sometimes out of our heartaches can come blessings. 
This MS thing has caused me, my family, and my friends a lot of heartache.  I don't know what it will be or how long we'll have to wait, but I'm certain something good will come of this one day.
I had to chuckle a little as I proof read this.  As I got to the end of the first paragraph it reminded me of those clips you see on National Geographic of someone holding a mirror in front of a monkey and finally the monkey realizes it's herself in the mirror.  That's exactly what that experience was like, honestly!  It's like finally seeing myself and realizing I still look all normal-like.  Hey!  Maybe I'm ok too!

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  1. Yes, Beloved! However, you only LOOK normal.

    You are far, far above normal.

    And, you are loved!